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Signing Time - Highly Recommended! - Our toddler had a huge vocabulary months before his second birthday, and he asks for these videos by name (in sign language, of course) several times a day (and no, we don't get anything for selling them to you). Fantastic for babies and toddlers. 1/18 update - now with lots of resources, including online dictionary and lots more.

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Recent Deaf-related Books and Videos
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Below is a list of books and videos related to deafness, compiled way back in 2006.

  • All of Us Together: The Story of Inclusion at the Kinzie School
  • Alphabet of Animal Signs 
  • A Maiden's Grave by popular thriller-writer Jeffrey Deaver - When a school bus carrying eight deaf schoolgirls stops on a Kansas highway, three escaped convicts hijack the vehicle, taking the girls hostage in a deadly game of cat and mouse and initiating a 12-hour siege of noose-tightening tension.
  • American Sign Language Dictionary  
  • American Sign Language Phrase Book  
  • American Sign Language: A Teacher's Resource Text on Curriculum, Methods & Evaluation
  • Angels & Outcasts: An Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature 
  • Animal Signs: A First Book of Sign Language  
  • ASL Literature Series: Student Workbook and Videotext
  • ASL Literature Series: Teacher's Guide and Videotape
  • At Home Among Strangers 
  • Baby Signs: How to Talk with Your Baby before Your Baby Can Talk  
  • Best Practices in Educational Interpreting  
  • Black and Deaf in America; Are We That Different
  • Book of Name Signs: Naming in American Sign Language 
  • Bummy's Basic Parliamentary Guide: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Procedure for Making Meetings Work 
  • Buddhas in Disguise: Deaf People of Nepal 
  • Button in Her Ear  - A little girl relates how her hearing deficiency is detected and corrected with the use of a hearing aid.
  • Caring for Young Children: Signing for Day Care Providers & Sitters  
  • Child of Silence
  • Communication Access for Persons with Hearing Loss; Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities
  • Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss & Hearing AIDS: A Bridge to Healing  
  • The Cry of the Gull
  • Dancing without Music
  • Day We Met Cindy - A first grade class is introduced to hearing loss and sign language by the hearing-impaired aunt of one of the students.
  • Dead Body Language Journalist/sleuth Connor Westphal has relocated from San Francisco to a mining-turned-tourist town with the idea of starting up her own weekly paper. But when the First Lady of Flat Skunk turns up dead, Connor must track down a madman whose byline is murder. Being hearing-impaired doesn't stand in her way.
  • Deaf-Ability--Not Disability
  • Deaf Adult Speaks Out
  • Deaf Culture, Our Way: Anecdotes from the Deaf Community  
  • Deaf History Unveiled: Interpretations from the New Scholarship
  • Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture 
  • Deaf Child Crossing
  • Deaf Jew in the Modern World 
  • Deaf Like Me  
  • Deaf Maggie Lee Sayre: Photographs of a River Life
  • Deaf President Now!: The 1988 Revolution at Gallaudet University 
  • Deaf Sport: The Impact of Sports within the Deaf Community
  • Deaf Way: Perspectives from the International Conference on Deaf Culture
  • Dear Dr. Bell...Your Friend, Helen Keller
  • Douglas Tilden: Portrait of a Deaf Sculptor
  • Discovering Sign Language
  • Elana's Ears, or How I Became the Best Big Sister in the World
  • Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language: Hereditary Deafness on Martha's Vineyard  
  • Eyes of Desire: A Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader
  • For Hearing People Only: Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about the Deaf Community
  • Forbidden Signs: American Culture & the Campaign against Sign Language, 1847-1920  
  • Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People & Deafness  
  • Gaps in Stone Walls  - Gr 5-9-This fast-paced crime story is also a fictionalized account of the community of Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, in 1880, where an extraordinary number of people were born Deaf. Virtually every resident, hearing or Deaf, knew sign language. Merry Skiffe, 12, who is Deaf, is a suspect in the murder of another islander.
  • Girl Named Helen Keller (Hello Reader Series)
  • Great Deaf Americans
  • Handmade Alphabet
  • Handtalk School
  • Handtalk Zoo  
  • Hearing-Aid Handbook: User's Guide for Adults 
  • Hearing-Aid Handbook: User's Guide for Children
  • History of Special Education: From Isolation to Integration
  • Hollywood Speaks: Deafness and the Film Entertainment Industry
  • How to Survive Hearing Loss  
  • I Have a Sister, My Sister Is Deaf A young deaf child who loves to run and jump and play is affectionately described by her older sister. "Can give young children an understanding of the fact that deaf children . . . share all the interests of children with normal hearing."--ALA Booklist. 
  • I'm Deaf, & It's Okay A young boy describes the frustrations caused by his deafness and the encouragement he receives from a deaf teenager that he can lead an active life.
  • I Want to Talk; A Child Model of American Sign Language
  • Journey into the Deaf-World  
  • Joy of Signing
  • Legal Rights
  • Lessons in Laughter: The Autobiography of a Deaf Actor (Bernard Bragg)
  • Listening with Heart
  • Living Language Say It by Signing 
  • Loss for Words: The Story of Deafness in a Family
  • Maiden's Grave When a school bus carrying eight deaf schoolgirls stops on a Kansas highway, three escaped convicts hijack the vehicle, taking the girls hostage in a deadly game of cat and mouse and initiating a 12-hour siege of noose-tightening tension. 
  • Manual Communication: Implications for Education
  • Mother Father Deaf -"Mother father deaf" is the phrase commonly used within the Deaf community to refer to hearing children of deaf parents. These children grow up between two cultures, the Hearing and the Deaf. The author is one of these children, and in this book based on 150 interviews, he takes us to the place where Deaf and Hearing cultures meet. 
  • Movers & Shakers: Deaf People Who Changed the World
  • Never the Twain Shall Meet: Bell, Gallaudet, & the Communications Debate  
  • No Walls of Stone: An Anthology of Literature by Deaf & Hard of Hearing Writers  
  • Number & Letter Games  
  • One TV Blasting & a Pig Outdoors -Gr 3-5-In a positive, upbeat manner, a boy tells about what it's like to have a deaf father. Lipreading, sign language, discrimination, TTY (teletypewriter), and other electronic means of communication are explained in the fictionalized narrative. 
  • On the Edge of Deaf Culture: Hearing Children/Deaf Parents
  • Other Side of Silence
  • Missing Words: The Family Handbook on Adult Hearing Loss
  • No Pity: People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement
  • Pictures in the Air: The Story of the National Theatre of the Deaf
  • Place of Their Own: Creating a Deaf Community in America  
  • Pocket Dictionary of Signing
  • Random House Webster's American Sign Language Dictionary, Concise Edition  
  • Reading between the Lips
  • Reading between the Signs: Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters
  • Religious Signing
  • Responses of Jamaican & American Deaf Groups to Stigma: A Critical Interpretive Approach
  • Rethinking the Education of Deaf Students: Theory & Practice from a Teacher's Perspective 
  • Right to Remain Silent A Connor Westphal Mystery by Penny Warner
  • Saudade (a novel)
  • Secret Signs: Along the Underground Railroad
  • Seeds of Disquiet: One Deaf Woman's Experience
  • Seeing Language in Sign: The Work of William C. Stokoe 
  • Seeing Voices: A Journey into the World of the Deaf  
  • Signs Across America: A Look at Regional Differences in American Sign Language 
  • Signing Everyday Phrases
  • Signing Family: What Every Parent Should Know about Sign Communication
  • Signing Made Easy  
  • Sign Language Clowns 
  • Sign Language Fun  
  • Signs for Me: Basic Sign Vocabulary for Children, Parents and Teachers 
  • Sign Me Alice; Laurent Clerc: A Profile  - 2 Gil Eastman Plays
  • Sign of Foul Play  Being deaf has never impaired reporter Connor Westphal's ability to chase a good lead and put her paper, "Eureka!", to bed on time. Now she's hot on the trail of a murder.
  • Signing with Your Clients: A Practical Manual for Audiologists & Speech - Language Pathologists
  • Sign Language Interpreting: Deconstructing the Myth of Neutrality
  • Sign Language Structure; The First Linguistic Analysis of American Sign Language
  • Sign-Me-Fine: Experiencing American Sign Language
  • Silence of the Spheres: The Deaf Experience in the History of Science
  • Silent Alarm: On the Edge with a Deaf EMT
  • Silent Lotus
  • Silent Poetry: Deafness, Sign, & Visual Culture in Modern France 
  • Sounds Like Home: Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South
  • Speak to Me 
  • Talk to the Deaf: A Manual of Approximately 1,000 Signs Used by the Deaf of North America
  • Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World  
  • Tuck Triumphant In this sequel to The Trouble with Tuck, fourteen-year-old Helen describes the numerous crises in her family after they adopt a deaf Korean boy.
  • Voyage to the Island
  • Week the World Heard Gallaudet 
  • What's That Pig Outdoors?: A Memoir of Deafness
  • What the Deaf-Mute Heard A magical novel whose hero, like Forrest Gump, enchants with his uncanny ability to be a key player in every important event in his small Southern town. Ignored, ridiculed, trapped and empowered by his silence, he sees and hears all. 
  • When the Mind Hears
  • When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes: The Memoirs of a Deaf Doctor
  • Words for a Deaf Daughter & Gala
  • You & Your Deaf Child: A Self-Help Guide for Parents of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children

Videos that involve deafness or sign language in some way
Sign Me A Story - Little Red Riding Hood and Three Bears, with Sesame Street's Linda Bove.
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) One Deaf minor character, but subtitled sign language scenes are hilarious.
Children of a Lesser God (1986) Marlee won Best Actress Oscar for this one.
In the Land of the Deaf  "Acclaimed documentary that enters the world of the deaf." In French with English subtitles and French sign language. (now on Netflix)
Mr. Holland's Opus- music teacher with Deaf son.(cc) 
The Miracle Worker- "w-a-t-e-r" Yes! The old classic from 1962, or the remake from 2000. Anne Sullivan teaches Helen Keller.
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell- AGB falls for Deaf girl, invents phone. Starring Don Ameche (1939, cc)
Natural Born Killers - Terrylene has a small part as an assistant to TV reporter.
Speed 2 - Signing girl has small part
Beyond Silence (German with English Subtitles) - hearing daughter does lots of interpreting for deaf mom
Dead Silence (based on A Maiden's Grave, by Jeffrey Deaver, listed above)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Great Movie!
See No Evil, Hear No Evil - Definitely not great movie.
Tommy - The Who's Rock Opera
What the Deaf Man Heard - 1997 TV movie
Wild Strawberries - 1957 Ingmar Bergman movie includes one deaf character
Phyllis Freilich has parts in Children on Their Birthdays and Santa Fe

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